Happy (My) Mother’s Day

Alright, here we go.

Hey Mom,

This isn’t some kind of desperate attempt to say Happy Mother’s Day differently, no. But it is an attempt. Because I think I’d rather say it like a story, because it is.

Since I’ve been and been growing up, you’ve been the biggest foundation for me. I’ve always been turning to you when I need it (though I am sorry that’s turning into money requests). Because although I have a ton of important people connected to me, you’re still the strongest connection. The strongest link, right?

Even if you do bicker at me like a mom always does, as in calling me today wondering why I hadn’t said Happy Mother’s Day yet, it doesn’t change anything. It’s my fault, I’m lazy and tired from work. Not so much in my defense, but I was thinking about you and wondering – how do I say it? I mean, maybe all you needed was that quick “…well, Happy Mother’s Day” on the same phone call. But I didn’t want to just say it.

Even without Dad, you kept me connected with the family I had half came from. You kept photo albums, an old college ring, and a photo with that ring of my dad just sitting in his dorm room being a regular guy. I have his old camera (one of them at least). We visited when we could. And for that,

Happy Mother’s Day

You’ve always had a pretty good judgment call. And on the other end, you’ve always had a pretty good acceptment call. When I switched abrubtly from sports to music, you accepted it. Instead of judging me for throwing away the time I put into baseball, you accepted me turning it into music. When I decided to be cool and grow my hair out, you accepted it. Well, with a few “so, how short should we cut it?”‘s randomly. No mom, I’m trying to be cool. When you found out I was smoking an e-cig to try to be even cooler, you never yelled. Instead, you trusted me to be responsible with it. Remember, those darns, dangs, and craps lead to somewhere. And for this,

Happy Mother’s Day

You’ve always been the “cool mom”. Not like “cool (for a) mom”, but “cool (and also a) mom”. You know? I’m sure there has been times in being a mom where you’re judged by others because you really like classic rock (and all the other things they probably make up because you really like classic rock). But no, you’re just cool. And for then,

Happy Mother’s Day

The continued prosperings of a mom is really what makes them so amazing. You don’t just stop. So, you better love them ’til the day you die, and then forever in heaven. It’s what you’re doing. It’s what you did, and what you will do (I think I know you well enough to predict that). And for whenever,

Happy Mother’s Day,

Cathy, Mom

Love, Your Son, Erik

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