CHON – 4/11/16

The night of Monday, April 11th, I finally saw CHON at the Gas Monkey Bar N’ Grill in Dallas. A band full of chill guys just wanting to sweep their guitars to meticulously timed drums. And wow – okay – it was fun. They didn’t even say much (not that they needed to anyways); mostly it comprised of Mario going ‘…so you wanna hear this song? (Applause) …Chill’ and Erick getting the crowd going. We only needed a slight nudge to get going anyways.

There’s the band in full. Their stand in bassist played well. I must say he felt out of left field at first (not just due to his position on stage), but after some songs he blended well with the rest. Then Erick, one of the two talented guitarists, the other being Mario beside him. I always wanted to hear their chemistry in person, and I’m here to inform you: it’s top notch.

Top. Notch.

They blended so well together. Analogy time: like strings that waver in between and around each other, but never form a closing knot or tangle. Obviously they both have their moments, and are balanced well, but they’re not balanced for the sake of balance, but each really do bring something the other couldn’t (well, I mean, I’m sure they could, but that’s how it is, so that’s how I’m telling it).

And then there’s Nathan on the drums. Absolutely nailed everything. From But to O.G., to just about everything in between, it was solid.

The crowd was amazing. Jumping. Screaming aside the fact there aren’t any words to scream of. Moshing. Why? I don’t know, but it was fun to watch a bunch of people being pushed around in the middle of an interlude in Knot, for instance. There was no (logical) reason, they just went for it.

And that’s all. Thanks for the chill night out, CHON. I was glad enough to see you guys play, let alone capture it. Here’s to LP #2, whenever that may be. I’ll be seeing you again, mark it down as fact.

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