Death is overrated (Happy Resurrection Day)

I know what you’re thinking: Death isn’t overrated. It marks the end of an era, a life. It takes what you might hold dear away – forever. Something you use to walk with, talk with, and live with together.

Except it isn’t true.

Death is painful. But it’s overrated.

I lost my dad before I ever got a say in the matter. I lost him before I ever took my first breath (in the world, at least – I’ve no idea, I might have already taken my first breath in the womb). But the point is, I was never given the chance to say, “No! But he’s my father! You can’t take him!” I was never able to physically be close to him. To live and then lose. I only lost. But I can say with confidence – that’s okay. Because over the years I’ve learned to feel close with him without ever being close to him at all. Through his friends. Through my mother. Through God.

I think death is praised all too often. I mean, the more you see, the more you talk about it, right? This celebrity died, or this musician died. It’s mournful. You rarely see renewed life because it’s easy to focus on what’s leaving than what’s stepping back in. I’m still learning what it’s like to let new people in my life when I have so many that have walked away.

But Jesus marked an event that changed death for good – he showed the world that death wasn’t the bookend. With everything he had to offer, he showed us to not be fearful of what is held so fearfully.

Stop being so afraid of death!

I feel like I’ve said that word too much now. Here:

Life life life life. Life!


That’s what we should be focusing on. Haven’t the passed already told you to move on? They are resting! They gave up their perishable body and weakness, and rest now with imperishable bodies and power!

Life is yours if only you just take its hand.

Let go of the serpents head. Unwrap from its grip on you. And rejoice. Because for people placed in a world breathed into existence, we dwell too much on when that breath leaves us.

If love is a mountaintop, Jesus stood at the top to show everyone his love for them, and then came down to walk amongst you and I; to show us one thing:


It was through his love he showed us life. If he didn’t love us, then why did he give up perfection to live in an imperfect world, die, and then live once again?

I don’t know about you, but I’m happy to live knowing bitter ends aren’t exactly the end.

In a man’s words better than my own on the subject by Levi Macallister (and what gave me the inspiration to write this post. By the way, check out his stuff. Super rad dude):

“Death only spilt blood that spoke a better word.”

And that word is life.


I can’t say I won’t ever think about death again. I’ve dealt with it. I will deal with it again someday. But stop mourning thinking you have nowhere else to go. “They could have lived better.” Now they can do no better!

You know, this year Easter came up on me out of nowhere. I used to be so involved with the church, I always knew when this time of year rolled around. Getting ready for a special Sunday morning service. I’d be practicing my new parts on the guitar at home for our new songs. But now that I’m away from that, I didn’t realize it. Good Friday I was working. And today I was supposed to go to church, but here I am sitting in my room just trying to form to words what death and life means to me. It’s calming. Reassuring.

This isn’t a blotch on my timeline – it’s a time to reflect and learn, and ponder what I usually don’t want to ponder about. I hate death. I don’t like that I hate death. But I also love life. Jesus showed that life has conquered death, once and for all. If death takes us a step back, life pushes us forward one step at a time – forever.

Life > Death

Death only proved that, at one point, we stood still, only to then run into the arms of a loving father, to be given one thing:


Death is overrated.

Happy Resurrection Day.

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